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Fuse: Community, Conversation & Connection

The Fuse Campaign

Join us as we explore today's most polarizing topics and chat about strategies for navigating them effectively. With episodes covering subjects like fleeing a war-torn country, still feeling leftover isolation from the pandemic, and how to talk about gender-diversity without sounding like an idiot - the Fuse podcast dives into issues we know we're all thinking about but are often too afraid to discuss. 

Produced in Springfield, Missouri, the heart of the American Midwest, the Fuse podcast invites experts - both locally and all over the world - to share their knowledge and break down complex issues in an effort to make them feel a little less intimidating. 

Originally created by Missouri State University’s Ad Team as a card game designed to prompt conversations, Fuse is a program that has evolved into a multimedia educational platform. The Fuse Campaign is supported by the Department of Homeland Security and operated out of Missouri State University's office of Citizenship & Service-Learning. 

Sometimes, it seems like our country is more divided than ever - Fuse seeks to help spark connections between people of all perspectives and beliefs.